Nuru Massage in Montreal

When you need a Nuru Massage in Montreal, Canada, look no further than the experienced slippery ladies of Montreal Nuru Massage on Drummond Street.  Enough talking, let’s start with a photo . . .

Nuru Massage in Montreal - Can't wait to have nuru lotion applied by this beauty, huh?
Nuru Massage in Montreal – Can’t wait to have nuru lotion applied by this beauty, huh?

Ok, so now that we have your attention . . . Montreal Nuru Massage does it first class.  With international beauties and exotic ladies applying Nuru Lotion liberally all over your naked body, you can hardly go wrong here.  There are many nuru massage parlor businesses popping up more frequently, but this one raises the bar.  First class does come with a price, however, so expect to pay $160 for a 1 hour massage ($60/hour + $80 tip + $10 room charge).  But you’re worth it, right?

Montreal Nuru Massage invites both men and women to enjoy the pleasurable ancient art of relaxation with Nuru Massage.  This is the first massage salon in Montreal which is dedicated to using Nuru Lotion to offer you an experience like no other massage experience and they have created a first class beautiful atmosphere to induce your total relaxation and a sense of total detachment from the rest of the world.   The touch of an exotic woman and mystery is the unique combination you’ll find here at Montreal Nuru Massage.

Having Nuru Gel all over your body is unlike any other thing you have felt before.   This isn’t a typical massage, but a celebration of all your senses which will allow your most intimate and personal feelings to emerge.  Montreal Nuru Massage employs a beautiful array of sexy international ladies who are not only chosen for their gorgeous beauty but also for their amazing talent and personality.  These ladies will generously spread nuru lotion gel all over your naked body and give you the total nuru massage experience of your dreams.

At Nuru Massage Montreal you’ll find the highest standards of cleanliness and class, and unlike some other Nuru Massage parlors they pay attention to the smallest details of classy furnishing and takes care that the environment is kept 100% clean and hygienic.  Your nuru massage session is guaranteed to provide you a sensual and non-rushed massage experience which will surely be a perfect fantasy escape from your reality. Once you’ve tried one of their nuru massages, you’ll surely want to come back for more.

Every part of your naked body will be massaged with the utmost care, and giving you pleasure and total relaxation where you need it most.  Nuru gel is extremely slippery and heightens your experience to a leave that you have never felt before.  Your massage girl will slide all over you from your head to toe and every part in between.  Each massage room has a shower and a large nuru massage table, bottled water & mints will all be provided.

Nuru Massage Montreal exercises complete discretion and total confidentiality.
Visit them today and come feel the difference!

You can find Nuru Massage Montreal at: 1249 DRUMMOND ST, 3RD FLOOR MONTREAL CANADA

Nuru Massage in Koh Samui


Ki-Mo-No Nuru Japanese Nuru Massage in Koh Samui invites you to enjoy the most magnificent ancient art of Japanese relaxation, the slippery nuru massage. Ki Mo No is the only massage spa in Samui dedicated specifically to Nuru Gel Massage and offers a nuru lotion experience like nowhere else. Ki-Mo-No promises you a celebration of tantalizing pleasure allowing your most intimate feelings to emerge.

At KiMoNo Nuru Massage Spa, every part of your body will be covered with nuru lotion and massaged with sensual care, providing pleasure and relaxation exactly where you need it most. Nuru Gel is extremely slippery and helps to bring you to levels of pleasure never felt before. Body to Body slippery massage is an experience to be cherished, as your sexy massage practitioner slides her body all over your nuru-covered body.

You’ll be greeted at the reception area by a beautify Koh Samui lady and offered a free drink with your nuru massage service, your choice of Whiskey, Vodka, Beer, Hot coffee, Tea, & soft drinks.
All nuru massage spa rooms have showers and custom large beds. Kimono will use only special Nuru Massage lotion made of natural minerals, Chamomile and Nuru Seaweed which is very beneficial to your skin. The Nuru lotion is colorless, odorless, tasteless and is also easy to wash off. At the time of this writing, the basic “Silver Session” starts at 1650 Baht for 60 minutes, all the way up to their “Platinum Super Session” which includes 3 beautiful Koh Samui therapists for 90 minutes. For those men who are willing to have an extraordinary session a prostate massage can be added to all NURU massage sessions for only 700 bhat.

So if you happen to be travelling to the beautiful island of Koh Samui, there is only one place that you must go and that is the Ki-Mo-No Nuru Japanese Nuru Massage.

Bandon Hospital Road to Soi BongKai.
Koh Samui, Thailand 84320.
phone: +66 (0) 800 65 9000

Nuru Massage in Sukhumvit Bangkok Thailand

Dr Bj’s Nuru Massage in Sukhumvit Bangkok Thailand is the only Nuru massage specialist in Thailand. Dr. BJ offers all the typical services of other BJ parlors in Bangkok but with one significant difference, “We do it, with a bit class” says Dr Bj’s. This parlor specializes in slippery nuru massage.
NuruMassageBangkokBJ’s Nuru Sukhumvit Bangkok strives to offer an amazing style of service with their slippery nuru massage with happy ending. With a minimum of 15 beautiful staff members in each shift, you can be sure that you can find the right girl to truly put a smile on your face.
DrBJNuruMassageGirlsWith a fully stocked clean liquor bar, well-lit decor and easy to find excellent location. Just a 30 second walk from Nana BTS and located on the same side of Sukhumvit road on the way to Soi cowboy, which can be walked to in just 10 minutes. BJ’s Massage bar area is comfortable and clean, in case you would like to spend a little more time with one of the massage ladies before heading to the room, and also features an outside smoking area, private bar, an area for selecting and viewing staff, and more. As part of your Bangkok massage experience, you will receive the standard full service as well as the Japanese style full body to body nuru massage experience after a soapy sexy cleaning. Nuru lotion spread all over your body by beautiful Thai girls? Yeah that should sound pretty good to any man with a pulse. Get all nuru gel’d up and slippery and enjoy! Every Nuru Massage room has quality lighting, a waterproof nuru nuru mattress, air conditioning, show and bathing facilities and your choice of the many exotic nuru massage ladies. And if one Bangkok massage girl isn’t enough, you are welcome to order 2 or 3!

Interested in Take-Out? No, not THAT kind of take out . . . The kind of take out where you take home nuru massage girl for the night?   No problem, for 5,000 baht you can take home one of BJ’s fabulous nuru massage girls and get the personal and private nuru lotion treatment without time constraints. Just make sure to book it in advance.  There is no reason why your nuru massage spa experience needs to end early!
So if you happen to be in Sukhumvit and you’re looking for the full gel and lotion massage treatment, try Dr BJ’s Nuru Massage in Sukhumvit, Bangkok Thailand for the ultimate happy ending massage.

tell:02 651 3312
Address 131/16 sukhumvit soi 7/1 10110 Bangkok 10110Thailand.

Nuru Massage at Sheri’s Ranch in Las Vegas

Sheri’s Ranch in Las Vegas area will gel you up and rock your world with Nuru Massage! Sheri’s has long been the leading hot location for erotic massages in the Las Vegas area. Now, Sheri’s is happy to announce that they offer slippery Japanese lotion nuru massage. If you are looking for a happy ending massage in Las Vegas, you should definitely consider a Nuru Lotion Massage at Sheri’s!  Men, women, and even couples that visit us at our legal sex resort can now experience the hottest and most sensual body to body nuru massage spa experience imaginable a safe, discreet, and completely relaxing nuru massage specialty room. During your Japanese nuru massage, Nuru lotion will be generously applied, and body to body contact will be generously offered to massage you and please you.

Popular in Japanese bathhouses and massage parlors for many years, nuru massage is a wet massage in which both the receiver and the masseuse are completely nude.  A slippery all-natural nuru gel is heated to a nice comfortable temperature and then generously slapped on and applied to both participants. The masseuse will then glide her wet glistening naked body over the client’s body, causing a unique sensation that is just outright arousing.

Also known as a nuru body slide or soapy massage (a version of massage that utilizes soap rather than special nuru gel), nuru massage is a totally orgasmic, full body massage experience that will awaken your sexual sensitivities and then take you on an erotic journey which will be sure to give you a very happy ending. This is a happy ending massage at its best!

Nuru Massage in Las Vegas

What is Nuru?

Nuru gel, a completely natural seaweed product, is made with edible nori, the seaweed which is used in sushi. Nuru simply means “slippery” in the Japanese language, and nuru gel or nuru lotion is for sure the slipperiest lubricating massage lotion in use today. The nuru gel is colorless, odorless, tasteless, and will not stain or damage your fabric or clothes (not that you’ll be wearing any). It also contains natural aloe vera and is extremely healthy for moisturizing and revitalizing your precious skin.

And here is just a teaser of one of the many fabulous massage girls that will gladly serve you with a body-to-body nuru massage:

Sheri’s Ranch near Las Vegas, Nevada is not just your typical erotic nuru massage parlor or nuru massage spa.  Sheri’s is full scale sex resort and paradise complete with amenities such as a restaurant, fully stocked bar, hotel, and a wide variety of specialty themed sex rooms and sex bungalows, and of course the Asian-themed specialty nuru massage room. Sheri’s is a place where you can give in to your desires and experience an enthralling, fully engrossing sensual celebration of your primal urges. Sheri’s offers you a discreet and very safe and secure environment where you won’t fear the embarrassment of potential police raids that so often happen at illegal sex massage destinations in Las Vegas, Nevada. Don’t risk getting a happy ending massage in Las Vegas and wind up with a not-so-happy ending in jail. Check out Sheri’s Ranch in Nevada for the ultimate happy ending nuru massage!

Slippery Nuru Lotion Massage 69 With Sophia Bella

Watch the beautiful Sophia Bella give Tommy Gunn the “slip” in this slippery nuru lotion massage with wet 69 action. Get inspired as Sophia gets all covered with nuru gel lotion and spreads nuru lotion all over Tommy with hot slippery massage action. This video starts out a little slow, but Sophia quickly slips into motion in the tub with a hot slippery blow job, followed by a hot and juice nuru massage, followed by a nice slippery stiffy slipped into Sophia’s nuru lotion covered yoni. This is hot nuru gel massage at its best!

Nuru Massage In Manila Philippines

For a legitimate nuru massage in Manila, Philippines, make sure to check out Nuru Massage Manila

Nuru Massage in Manila - Nuru Gel Lotion Massage by beautiful Manila girls
Nuru Massage in Manila – Nuru Gel Lotion Massage by beautiful Manila girls

Indulge yourself with an erotic nuru massage spa experience unique to anything you have tried before. Nuru Massage Manila provides authentic Japanese Nuru Massage with beautiful Philippine ladies. Each 90 minute nuru lotion massage session includes an intimate body wash in the hot shower with their hot massage therapist followed by a slippery authentic Japanese Nuru Massage.
Rates for Single Girl Nuru Massage Service – P3,000 or $70 USD for 90 Minutes.
Rates for Two Girl Nuru Massage Service – P5,000 for 90 mins (two masseuse).

Nuru Gel is an all natural water based gel made from Nori Seaweed, the gel is hyper allergenic and completely safe for all skin types.  Nuru Massage Spa in Manilla will also provide a protective waterproof bed cover for your comfort and convenience.

Their friendly and beautiful female therapists are highly trained at their techniques. Let these attractive ladies pamper you and relieve all of your stress. They are ready to massage you and please you. This place is the only massage service dedicated to the Japanese sensual art of Nuru Massage and we use the original and all-natural Nuru Gel for your nuru lotion massage spa pleasure.  This nuru massage spa stands alone as the one stop shop in Manila, Philippines.

What is nuru lotion?

What is Nuru Lotion with Nori seaweeds?
Originally, the NORI was generic in context and referred to seaweeds. Nori seaweed is basically thin, dried sheets of seaweed. Nuru Massage Lotion is a water-based massage lotion or gel that is very different from all other kinds of massage lubricants and lotions, and lasts considerably longer than other massage oils, massage lotions and lubricants. Because Nuru is a water-based massage solution, it will not stain your clothing or bed sheets and can be used completely safely with adult pleasure toys, and is ideal for sharing intimate and passionate massages with your partner. The Nuru Massage gel is colorless, odorless and tasteless.

What is Nuru Lotion made with?
The main ingredients of Nuru massage lotion and nuru gels are natural minerals, Chamomile and Nori Seaweed. Nuru Gel also has considerable quantities of Chamomile juice. Nuru lotion or gel is a special massage gel that contains deep seaweed ingredients which are imported from Japan. The nuru gel produces extra skin-softening benefits which are crucial for restoring skin tone and skin vitality.

The specific ingredients of nuru gel include:
Deep nori seaweed extract – Glycerol which is also called Nori Glycerine. This is a clear, odorless, tasteless and very smooth and slippery gel which is commonly found in personal care and health and pharmaceutical products for lubrication and providing smoothness.

Disodium EDTA is a safe non-toxic skin conditioning agent that has properties that improve the appearance of the skin and repair dry and damages skin.
Sodium polyacrylate (waterlock) – simply a thickening agent which absorbs water up to 200 to 300 times its mass.
Dipotassium Glycyrhizate – commonly known as licorice root.
Chamomile (oil) Azulene Solid
– Also known as Sodium Guaiayulene Sulfonate, this is a hydrophilic derivate of GA with exceptional wound-healing and anti-inammatory properties.\


Nuru Magic Ride V0018 Sheet for Full Body Nuru Massage

You have likely dreamed about getting a nuru massage with your hot body entirely covered with nuru massage gel or lotion or oil… But your likely concern is that the lotion or gel would stain your carpet, your bed or your favorite sofa. So here’s the new solution… the Nuru Magic Ride massage sheet! The Nuru massage Magic Ride sheet is substantially “king” sized, so it covers a very large area: 80″ (204cm) x 88″ (224cm). Nuru Magic Ride is made of supple & resistant black vinyl .16mm thick and is reusable for life. Enough with the risk while you frisk, just lay out the Nuru Magic Ride anywhere you want and you can do full body to body nuru massages, which consists of sliding your whole body over your partner’s with the use of nuru lotion or nuru gel. The Nuru Magic Ride sheet gives you the ideal playing field to have fun together, roll around and slide all over in massage lotion and get touched in every place you want. With Nuru Magic Ride, you and your partner will have a feast for your skin and mind.

  • For the Nuru Massage of your Dreams
  • Made of supple and Resistant black vinyl
  • Reusable for life
  • For Body to Body Massages
  • King Size Sheet
  • Ideal to Cover all Surfaces

For more information about Nuru Massage Magic Sheet:

Nuru Gel Massage in London at Butterfly Touch Massage

Nuru massage in London? You bet! To perform body to body Nuru massage Butterfly Touch uses a special slippery Nuru gel or lotion which is made from slippery seaweed.  It’s colorless, tasteless, and you’ll find it extremely slippery and smooth. The Nuru gel lotion is very smooth and comfortable when rubbed onto your skin.   This is one happy ending massage in London that you won’t forget.  When you are getting pampered with a Nuru Massage your sexy nude masseuse will rub your entire juicy slippery body from head to toe with the Nuru lotion gel and slide all over you for a perfect body to body nuru massage.

Your nuru massage will begin with the attractive masseuse warming up the Nuru gel or nuru lotion.  While the gel is warming up you will be offered a sexy assisted soapy massage in their luxury hot shower.  After your soapy massage, you and our beautiful and sexy masseuse will move over to the bed covered with a special PU nuru massage sheet.  When you are extremely comfortable a mindblowing nuru body slide will begin.  The nuru gel is odourless as well as tasteless, and will create an off-the-charts slippery sensation that will add to your enjoyment.  Your sexy practioner will begin sliding her entire naked body all over your slippery body giving you massively sensual and relaxing fulfilment.  This amazing sensation of her smooth skin on yours is indescribably intimate, and of course completely erotic to say the least.   Nuru massage also boasts some detoxifying and cleansing properties as well, just in case you need a “legitimate” excuse to go to a nuru massage spa.  The nuru gel will leave you feeling absolutely incredible from your head to toes.  Butterfly Touch in London also offers other massage spa experiences including body to body, tantric massage, sensual massage, sensual body slide, 4 hands massage and more.  But whatever you call it, you’re likely going to have a happy ending massage that will send you home with a smile on your happy face.